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Until recently, high end accounting software was mostly inaccessible for small businesses. In 2006, two Kiwi entrepreneurs founded Xero with a vision of bringing accounting software into the 21st century. This changed everything.

Prior to Xero, the leading accounting software solutions were desktop-based and relied on constant backups and manual upgrades. By developing Xero in the cloud from day one, the software is always up to date, can be accessed from anywhere in the world and you never need to make a manual backup again.

When it comes time to do your end of year accounts, we can easily log into Xero and seamlessly work on your financials without the hassle of manually sharing data files.

Why Use Xero

Not only is Xero extremely easy to use, but thanks to its cloud based software architecture, Xero can be adapted to suit a diverse range of business requirements:

  • No technical knowledge is required to look after day-to-day bookkeeping.
  • By connecting in with your bank feeds, it is easy to reconcile receipts and payables with the transactional activity. This is useful for understanding who owes you money on a real-time basis.
  • Xero’s payroll software makes it easy to keep on top of your payday filing requirements without needing any specialized software or services.
  • Reduced administration time – Xero makes the process of maintaining your books a breeze.
  • Easy accountant access – as a Xero Gold Partner, we use Practice Manager to efficiently handle your accounts. This means that you receive a better quality job, with less input required on your end.
  • Hundreds of integrations are available to customize Xero to suit your requirements.

Automation – the secret sauce of tomorrow’s businesses

Thanks to the way that Xero has been developed, there are plenty of integrations and automations to reduce the amount of manual time required to keep your accounts in order. Unlike legacy accounting systems, Xero acts as a financial hub that other apps can connect with.

We often support clients with choosing and setting up the best project management, job management and inventory systems to ensure that they have all the correct information at their fingertips. It is our sincere belief that if there is a better way of doing something, you should be the first to know about it. By using the latest technology, you can free up time to focus on higher value tasks that generate results for your business.

“Thank you Rebecca for straightening out our business and for the valuable advice you have given us in purchasing our new business. We appreciate the added value that you have given us and have helped our business to grow. You are so much more than just an accountant and I recommend anyone to use you to help them grow their business.”

Xero Gold Partner

As a Gold Partner, we receive significant discounts off Xero subscription fees which are passed on to our clients. There are a range of other resources and benefits that we have available to support your business and help you to flourish.

Thanks to the fact that we are constantly using Xero every day, our team is very efficient at using the systems – meaning that you save money and time by working with us.

It Just Works

Imagine having an accounting system that just worked. With Xero, we are able to support your business like never before – so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

By using Xero as a hub that connects to various other cloud applications, it is possible to automate away much of the workload traditionally associated with accounting.

Xero is on a mission to make beautiful applications that simplify your accounting requirements. We share the ethos that accounting shouldn’t be overly complex, which is why we work closely with Xero to build more effective businesses.

No matter what stage of business you’re at, or which accounting system you use, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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