A Small Business Approach to Accounting

SLA is proud to offer a small business approach to accounting. That’s not to say we can’t take care of the books for larger businesses and trusts. Rather we offer the hands-on, personalised approach to every client that small businesses are famous for.  When you walk in our doors, you can expect a warm reception from Eric and friendly conversation with your accountant.

Family Focus

We know that managing the books and other administrative tasks can cut into valuable family time.  We want to help you eliminate this. Our aim is bring order to the chaos by streamlining your administrative tasks, leaving you more free time with the ones you love.

Community Spirit

We believe in giving back to the community, which is why SLA is a big supporter of Rotary. If you’ve been to our office, you have probably met Eric. Along with being our receptionist he is also a guide dog.

Client Connection

We strive to build relationships that last.  This means we will never treat you like a number.  To offer you the best service and advice possible, we take the time to understand you and your business.  SLA offers the promise of exceptional service.

Expect more from your accounts

Have you ever been stuck waiting for a response to a question, only to receive an unsatisfactory answer in an untimely manner? Have you ever been unable to reasonably get in contact with someone to discuss the shape of your business? If so, it’s time you started getting more out of your accounts.


Open Communication

We have an open door policy. We aim to foster a relationship, where our clients feel comfortable contacting us and discussing their accounts, whether it’s tax season or not. We know that you’re busy with your own business, so we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.


Quick Responses

The best business owners have a good idea of where their accounts are sitting at all times. To do this, you need an accountant that is readily available to keep you up to date. We try to answer all queries within 24 hours, so you aren’t kept waiting.


Forging Partnerships

We want to be partners to all of our clients. We want you to feel that you  can contact us at any time for advice or guidance. We take the time to understand you and your business our advice is not limited to accounts, we also offer business advisory as well.

Our Clients

When it comes to accounts, we’ve almost seen it all. We work with a diversity of clients, business types, and tax situations. To give you an idea of the breadth of our experience, here are a few of our clients.